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The famous decorator Martin Rivera has to urgently return from Italy, where he has lived for a long time, to his native Argentina, as he is informed that the body of his father, Alfedo Rivera, is being exhumed. Already at home, Martin learns that during his life his father gathered a group of like-minded people who helped him fight injustice. He also owned an emerald necklace that was rumored to have been cursed. Luis Francini, Manager and confidant of Alfedo Rivera, kept this mysterious necklace for a long time and now decided to give it to Martin. Only during their meeting, the unexpected happens: the son of Alfredo, focused on the jewel of the father, deprived of consciousness, and Luis kill, and the weapon prudently invest in the hand of the stunned boy. This whole picture is watched by Ramina, the daughter of the murdered Louis, who, of course, accuses Martin of the crime. To restore justice and prove his innocence, Martin Rivera disguises himself as a beggar and calls himself Federico. Ramine he promises to find the killer of her father. To do this, he will have to lead a group of fighters against injustice, created by the late Alfredo Rivera, and find out what kind of secret is hidden in the emerald necklace.