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Religious belief is necessary for people as the air. You can always violate any applicable law and avoid punishment, buy off justice. However, it is impossible to deceive a higher power that invisibly watches over earthly vanities, evaluating the actions of each of the living. Ignoring the commandments given from above, man commits a sin for which you will have to pay after death. But people believe that it is possible to try to pay off even from God, making a generous donation to the Church and zamalivaya sins. If it works when will have to answer for their deeds before the heavenly court, is unknown, but it is human nature to err, and even hardened sinners believe that they will be able to avoid a terrible punishment, if you sincerely repent for sins committed. In the 14th century. The Spanish Barcelona, who survived the many upheavals, gradually moving to the era of the dawn. A thriving city controls the vast Maritime territory, getting fabulous profits from trade. Open universities, residents enjoy works of art. However, the benefits and the splendor available to only wealthy citizens. The mores of the time quite severe, and the feudal system involves the full power of the suzerain over his vassals. The master has the right to punish and pardon in its sole discretion, has the right to the first night at a peasant wedding. Across the country erected the cathedrals and churches, which should help the Spanish Hidalgo to join God, having earned his mercy. In Barcelona there is the Ribera quarter, where he found refuge fishing family. Poverty and insecurity can be traced in everything, but the residents of the district of fishermen decided to build the grandest Cathedral in the country – Santa Maria del Mar. It is common cause that are willing to donate an influential nobleman, who believes that God's work must be reckoned to them at the last judgment. However, to carry stones for the walls have poor eyes which burn genuine enthusiasm, despite the daily toil. At this time, in the city there is a farmer Arnau Estanyol, escaped from the cruel Lord, and a passion to rescue from the tyrant remained in his power family. Arnau is included in the total activities, starting to work on the construction of the Cathedral. However a man driven by different goals. He longer believes in the divine grace, and wants to earn a high position in society. After all, it is the only chance to save loved ones.

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