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As the story progresses, the viewer gets acquainted with the personal space of its main characters. For Richard, the center of the "inland Empire" is the house where his mother and teenage daughter are two of the most close person in life. Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan) - the flamboyant castle's mother, a former prima Donna of the stage, lives in her declining years one day and spends time on the secular parties, in search of fun and amorous intrigues. His daughter Alexis (Molly S. Quinn) is a quivering embodiment of innocent youth and beauty, wise and resourceful, full of sincere love for her father and grandmother. Two of these characters in the course of the series not only do not fade into the background, but their actions create additional storylines in it, to follow that, sometimes no less exciting than the dramatic twists and turns of the investigation.The main cent attraction in the life of detective Beckett, it is not difficult to guess, is the place of her work. In the homicide Department of the new York police, where Kate works, reigns, familiar to us in many films, the tense atmosphere of the fight against crime on the front line, which is discharged by their eternal jokes and playful rivalry two partners Beckett – detectives Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (John Huertas). Castle from the first minutes in the area feels like a fish in the water. He quickly finds common language with its inhabitants. Taking advantage of personal charm, writer's fame and subtle knowledge of psychology, Richard finds the key to the heart of every police officer, becoming his professional distrustful and cynical guards of the law. He begins to take an active part in the investigation, going far beyond the duties of a consultant. The persistence with which Richard intervenes in the conduct of the criminal case and his playfully carefree manner of holding, at first causes Kate a storm of indignation. But the favorable attention of his superiors and for their Castle and skills in unraveling criminal mysteries make her gradually change the original opinion. And once at the end of the case, the castle, with the support of friend of the mayor, decided to continue their cooperation (formally, for writing new books), Beckett remains nothing how to accept fate and make the new team member. Whatever tests now fell to the fate of detective Beckett, no matter what sophisticated criminal plans she did not need to destroy – now it is always accompanied by cheerful writer Richard castle, able to jokingly solve complex puzzles and, if necessary, personally protect from the dangers of the one that he forever chose his Muse.

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