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Original Title: Carlos, Rey Emperador
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: La 1
Creators: Oriol Ferrer
Description: The world-famous terrorist, under the pseudonym Carlos was involved in many terrorist acts in the 70s and 80s of the last century. His real name Ilyich Ramirez Sanchez was known by units, and he carried out terrorist attacks for various organizations, from the "Popular front" to various "Red armies". Mini-Series "Carlos", which you can watch online, will tell about the brightest moments of his life. And the life of this figure was full of different colors. After all, for someone he was a romantic hero, and almost a Savior, who managed to look behind the iron curtain, to begin the liberation of the occupied territories. But there were others who considered him the simplest assassin, working for money, and their own benefit, like everyone else. However, despite the opinion of the environment, Carlos is still waiting for a difficult fate. During his life, he passed many tests, which will be shown in good quality in the series "Carlos". He was betrayed, mocked at him, and he was thrown into mortal danger, but the hero of the times in time to get out of the most difficult situations, and fought for life with the last bit of strength. In the end, he even managed to create his own organization, operating in the last years of the cold war. Despite all the power that Ramirez Sanchez carried, and how many people he pushed around in his life, and how much he did to achieve his goal, the film presents him to the audience not as a cruel manipulator, but as someone rather manipulated. He is one of those who, being in the thick of history, chose the wrong side, which is why he became a victim of such a circumstance as "history is written by the winners." Is it possible that a man whose fault thousands of people died, and who threatened the peace of the world, was actually not so bad? Is it possible that he was the same as each of us, just lost on the way to the goal? Or maybe his actions were simply misinterpreted by journalists and the media? It is these questions and lures the series, telling the story through the eyes of the protagonist, and allowing viewers to plunge into a completely different side of the conflict. During the three series, we show the formation of the main character as a person, starting with the first, where he is stupid and allows you to manipulate, and ending already at the moment when he learned to control the crowd. In fact, the life of this seemingly terrorist is far more tragic than any of us could have imagined, and some of his actions are self-justifying.

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