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Original Title: BrainDead
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Michelle King,Robert King
Language: English
Description: American television series "Brainless" introduces the viewer to an ordinary guy Hill, living almost in the heart of new York. The life of the main character can not be called boring: almost every day it happens some funny and sometimes inexplicable events. But he frail this does not surprised and continues to enjoy every passing day. By nature, he is no different from others: used to live at the expense of their loved ones, who are trying in every way to please him, in the evenings he is constantly going with his friends in a cafe in order to once again discuss the painful everyday topics. It would seem that what special can happen to a typical American? So it can! One day the fate presents hill another pleasant and unexpected surprise. This time he had a unique chance to be in the heart of the US Government, where he intends to offer a job. But on the first day of a new job, the hero faces many difficulties, because life is not so simple policy. Then the guy finds out that the government did not exist: things here are much more more difficult. The thing is that the inhabitants of the Earth do not suspect that for many years America is ruled not by congressmen, but by real aliens. Now saw this and Hilo, which has witnessed one of the green men seeps into the human body using a special capsule. Thus, they can easily control the human mind and perform any action. And now the question arises: what to do in such a difficult situation? Share a secret with friends and family, he can not, because no one will believe him. Now there is only one way – to stand up to fight with alien invaders who do not think to stop there. Want to know what happens, then feel free to start watching online TV series "Brainless".

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