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This is a continuation of a series of animated films about the adventures of two friends who learned the true face of the world around them. But if in the previous parts of heroes had two, now only one remains – the GATS. The events of the animated series "berserk" take place almost two years after the final of the last episode. We see that, having lost Helmets, the hero has changed a lot. He became more callous and cold-blooded, but did not change his intentions – GATS continues to hunt all sorts of monsters. But now he does it differently. First, guy decided to act alone-so less chance become attached to someone, whom then will have to mourn. Secondly, using methods prohibited by the Inquisition, the GATS was outlawed. Now he is considered a heretic and going to burn at the stake. And given, that his death yearn for still and dark forces, can be understand, how not be easy hero to wage its witch. The confrontation with the monsters and inquisitors recedes into the background when the guy finds out that soon to happen second Eclipse. And if he does not find a way to stop it, then the world of people will penetrate even more monsters that threatens to turn into a terrible disaster.