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Original Title: Agatha Christie's Marple
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: ITV
Language: English
Description: A private investigator is not inspired by movies or detective novels image, which is entrenched in the subconscious of the inhabitants. Here we are talking about the way of life and longing for the investigation of criminal offences. In principle, a detective can be any person who is able to think logically and to attach importance to any, even to insignificant details. It is no secret that even the most sophisticated and ingenious killer caught in banal detail. Leaving a trail Shoe, thrown match or cigarette are becoming the threads, pulling for which it is possible to unravel the whole skein of the crime. Jane Marple – an elderly and highly respectable lady living in a small village. A woman alone, her only family has long moved to America and only rarely visits his native aunt. Jane true English and behaves like a real lady. She is caring for a small garden, always 5 o'clock in the evening drinking tea, chatting with my friends. An elderly lady takes an active part in public life, but she has a strange fascination, which do not approve of neighbors and police. Miss Marple loves detectives, so when in the area a crime takes place, she takes an active part in the investigation. Of course, the local cops don't like this activity the old lady, but Jane has an outstanding analytical mind, which allows her to do very unexpected insights and conclusions. Thanks to this ability she has a good track record, including convicted thieves and murderers. Soon even the strict police inspector with all reverence asks miss Marple to help to understand another complicated case. Life in the English countryside just seems sleepy and boring. In fact, there are constantly events occur, often quite unpleasant. An old friend of miss Marple – Dolly serves a full English Breakfast asks the woman for help. In the living room of the family mansion, found the body of a young girl dressed in evening dress. A solid couple of serves a full English Breakfast can not understand, where did this girl. Retired Colonel Prothero is known throughout the neighborhood for his violent temper and bad character. When a former soldier is found dead, all the neighbors sigh with relief, and Jane Marple is trying to understand the circumstances of this mysterious death. A young man sentenced to death for the murder of the adoptive mother. After the enforcement of the sentence is a witness that can confirm the alibi of a young man. Can Jane find the real killer of wealthy women, because the crime had already executed innocent?

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