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There is much controversy over whether serials should be attributed to the full-fledged genre of the art of cinema. These disputes do not stop until now. Some important critics argue that even in spite of its long duration, and often the absence of eminent actors, this TV production can still be a high cinema creation. Others, with “foaming at the mouth”, rightly scolded telenovelas, calling them “useless time-eaters” too stretched along the plot, low-grade serials. Yes, a dozen years ago we would be inclined to a second, more negative opinion. But not now. The history of soap operas originates in the distant 30s of the last century. Then the audio stories with a small production of characters stretched for decades and broadcast on the radio until the advent of television. Listeners approvingly greeted the new art and wanted to hear and see more - and so the era of the so-called “multiseries” came, and the site user was attracted. Even in spite of the “baseness” of many “soap” pictures, the endless routine of the cast and a million episodes with immoderate length of the plot - we were hysterically waiting for the new series and the continuation of the novel. It was probably just a wonder for us. However, famous directors are more and more often involved in the creation of contemporary specimens of the genre under discussion, their best series are “crammed” with expensive makeup and costumes, and the percentage of special effects just rolls over. Each series looks like a separate story and does not stretch into 500 series of constant clarifications of relationships. Everything has become easier, but ideologically saturated. The plots are often unique and quite original, which even more equates the telenovelas to feature films in hd 720p or 1080p. In our time, this genre is experiencing a third high-class coming. New TV premieres can even be divided by genres, like full-length movies to watch, here you can see fiction and action films, adventure and detective stories, drama and other various goodies. The reason for this may be the opportunity to watch TV shows online on the Internet. Now you do not need to wait for the series on TV, the easiest way is to watch everything in one click (of course, if the shooting of the picture is completed). Let's look in the recent past and remember how the viewer was dependent on changes in the TV program of channels, favorite online series disappeared from the air, breaking off, naturally in the most interesting place. There was no alternative at that moment, the audience simply had to accept the inevitable. The real panacea for such unpleasant situations with watching your favorite TV histories has become the Internet. Unlimited opportunities to watch serials are available for our use, of course, during the most suitable for you and no one else. The pampered audience has pushed producers and directors of film stories to look for new, expensive, unique and ideological highly artistic scripts for soap operas. They did it successfully. A modern multi-part product is highly valued because it is completely free, while the best online TV shows successfully collect considerable box office revenues from television channels and distributors. One gets the impression that very soon the multi-episodes will take away the laurels of the film industry championship in full-tracks, and this will be completely deserved.